How Much a Refrigerated Container Costs

March 1, 2019

When investigating how much a refrigerated container costs, it’s important to know you can’t simply load the contents, plug it into an electrical point, and expect to freeze them solid. Refrigerated containers in good working order only maintain frozen cargo while plugged in, so you need to load and offload them as quickly as possible.

More to Consider when Wondering How Much a Refrigerated Container Costs

Purchase or Rent

Your first decision is how long you need the reefer container for. If you just want to make a single shipment then it probably pays you to rent a refrigerated container. It’s obviously more effective to purchase one outright for ongoing use. We can help you determine the breakpoint between these two extremes.

New or Used Container

Used containers are significantly cheaper than new ones because they do take a hammering when transporting by ship, railway, or lowbed. If you are planning on storing frozen food outside your retail outlet you don’t want to dent your brand with a dinged container.

If on the other hand, you are simply delivering the product, then you could save yourself money by purchasing a used refrigerated container from us, and giving it a lick of paint.

Container Size

Refrigerated containers come in various sizes. The larger ones cost more and you pay more for cooling energy too. This is, therefore, an important contributor towards how much a refrigerated container costs.

You could save good money by purchasing a smaller 6-meter one outright, and renting a larger 12–meter one for the odd occasion when you need more capacity.


However, the largest factor contributing to how much a refrigerated container costs is transport, assuming you want to use your reefer for deliveries or move it from site to site. Size once again drives this cost. Size matters, it always does.

Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring is a service you can buy to track your container, and monitor the state of refrigeration. Finally, be careful of fraud. Reefer containers are expensive. Find a dealer you can trust.

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