How to Cut Costs on Container Rental Globally

April 10, 2018

Shipping container rental costs vary, depending on the size, type, and condition of the container you are planning to lease or rent. The bigger it is, and the better its condition, the higher the cost will be. Of course, if you opt for specialised container hire, like refrigerated or specialised units, or some kind of more specific storage rental, that will also cost more.

Generally, your needs will be non-negotiable. For instance, if you are transporting goods that need to be refrigerated, you cannot risk opting for storage containers for rent that are not reefers! So how can you cut costs on container rental prices?

Tips on Cutting Costs on Container Rental Globally

There are several ways that you can cut costs on container rental prices globally.

  1. One is if you use a supplier that allows you to lease containers between regions.
  2. Another is to lease from a professional company that doesn’t charge the demurrage costs you risk paying when you rent from a shipping line and the project takes longer than anticipated.
  3. You will also find that companies that specialize in selling and leasing containers will charge a lot less than shipping companies.

Ultimately, if the container hire agreement allows you to return the leased container once you’re done, rather than expecting you to estimate a time period in advance, you stand to maximise your investment and improve your cash flow. This kind of arrangement is particularly useful in situations where lead-times are uncertain and there is a possibility that projects will take a lot longer than hoped.

Almar Container Hire is a company with offices and facilities in Africa and the Middle East, and they have the capacity to provide containers for big and small international and domestic projects within the countries they service. The company offers one-way, as well as the industry standard master and term container hire options.

Avoiding Demurrage Costs Associated With Container Hire

Generally, demurrage charges are levied by shipping companies when there is a delay loading or unloading goods. This is an unavoidable cost when using a shipping company for container hire or storage rental and can be as much as US$40 per day if you aren’t able to stick to the initially agreed usage time.

Not only does Almar allow customers to access container hire services from virtually anywhere in the world, but they also allow customers to off-hire at depots in any of the countries they operate in. Additionally, Almar container rental does not carry a demurrage risk, and if you do run over time, the standard rental rates still apply.

Container Rental from Almar

Almar Container Group serves all the industries that rely on containers including transport and logistics, cold-storage, offshore oil and gas, and remote site accommodation for working and living. The company sells and leases containers, and container rental prices will depend on your needs. Contact us to discuss how we can help you and we’ll give you the best deal possible.

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