Remote Monitoring and Managing of Reefer Containers

April 9, 2020

Do you worry about who is looking after your business’ assets during lockdown? Almar has installed remote monitoring modems in approximately 130 reefers (refrigerated containers) in South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania and Saudi to do just that. The modem measures, manages, optimises and sustains operational performance of reefers, thereby, protecting your goods against possible loss.

Pioneers of this sophisticated tracking and reporting system, Almar Container Group is able to monitor unusual cold chain activity on customers’ reefers on a real time basis.

“We have been testing and refining the system in the field for two years in order to optimise it for domestic use. If I pick up a false or unusual trend in temperature or humidity, I alert the customer immediately,’’ explains Mike Leppan, reefer technician for Almar. “This could, and has, saved many of our customers from their perishable product being compromised.”

Although not yet a service offered to the customer, Almar does behind the scenes tracking on many of their reefers with the aim of installing it on their whole reefer fleet in time to come.

The remote monitoring modem in the reefer monitors every event that takes place; from its location in the depot, to when it moves out of the ‘known location’ to the ‘new location’ at the lessee or sub-lessee’s premises, and most importantly it’s setpoint temperature. The data is unbiased and cannot be manipulated. 

“I can analyse all activities, and because I understand the customers’ unique requirements, I am able to warn them if I believe the activity is detrimental to their product,” says Mike.

“The other benefit is remote assistance. I am able to manually defrost and on request I can reset temperatures for clients. I can run advanced diagnostics in the event of technical problems. This could save the cost of a technician being called out. As long as the unit is switched on and in range of a GSM (global system for mobile communication) network, we can monitor and work remotely on the unit.”

“The peace of mind and the added support which the world class tracking and monitoring system provides is unparalleled in the domestic container industry. “It is the first of its kind to be actively used in the Southern African domestic leasing fleets’’ concludes Mike.

Almar’s Reefers for Sale or Rent

Almar’s wide range of refrigerated containers offer an instant, secure cold room facility, for either chilled or frozen products and are offered on a rental or outright purchase basis.

Almar Reefer Containers keep perishable goods at the perfect temperature, in any environment.