Please note that converted / fabricated containers are only available in East Africa and Middle East.

Freezer Containers Give You the Benefits of Mobile Cold Rooms

Maintaining product at the optimum temperature is essential in the food and medicine industries. Operators know they need to avoid thawing or defrosting at all costs. Or else they have to dispose of their damaged product in accordance with national safety rules.

This discipline applies equally to when the goods are in transit. Handling freezer containers outside the controlled zone must be kept to a bare minimum, and goods must be carefully restacked on arrival. Much value can be lost during handling. Everything may be ruined during a lengthy grid outage.

Hence wise operators back their stainless-steel freezer and chiller rooms with standby petrol and diesel generators. However, their thundering sounds are not conducive to enjoying quiet conversations in upmarket restaurants and hotels. Supermarket chains are coming to the same conclusion: site them elsewhere.

The Solution is Converting Shipping Containers to Freezer Containers

A gleaming stainless-steel chiller room or freezer room is not a stand-alone structure. Refrigeration engineers design them as rooms-within-rooms meaning you first need to build your structure and then install your cooler room.

After that, you are stuck with your location. Although you could theoretically dismantle the insulated panels and reassemble them elsewhere. However, your costs are racking up all the time. Moreover, we have had some chefs tell us the panels never work as well the second time around. They are concerned about residue building up in the joints.

What We Do Instead to Save You Money and Time

We convert 6-metre and 12-metre intermodal shipping containers into freezer containers and cool rooms. After we line them with new, industry-standard ceilings, walls and floors, they can do temperatures as low as -18ºC on 380 volts. However, if you only need a cold room running at say +5ºC we can achieve this with 240 volts.

After you apply power and allow the room to cool down, you have a cold room or freezer room as good as any regular one. We can say that with confidence because we use the same insulating materials. Moreover, we have a jump on the rest because our freezer containers are portable.

That’s right! Our converted shipping containers are as good as having freezer rooms and cooler rooms on wheels. One seafood wholesaler loads his portable freezer container directly from trawlers moored alongside wharves.

Then he takes it back to his depot on a flatbed with a lifting crane. That way he has perfect control over his frozen stock at all times!

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