Please note that converted / fabricated containers are only available in East Africa and Middle East.

Hunting Pressure Test – Dubai


Hunting Energy Services

Scope of work:

Modify a 40ft High Cube container into a High-Pressure Testing room. After modification, the test room had to be able to withstand an internal pressure test failure at extremely high pressure with a defined penetration test.


  • Weight: The container had to be lined with 10mm thick steel plates and 100mm of hard wood as the material that would withstand the force of a penetration in the event of a test failure. The weight of this material was around 20 Ton. We had to keep rotating the container to each side and roof when we were fixing the steel plates and wood to each internal surface, and as more material was added the unit became heavier and more difficult to manoeuvre.
  • Electrics and comms: The unit had to be supplied internally with power points to run machinery as well as have internal remote TV cameras to monitor the testing process remotely, and these had to be protected to limit potential penetration in the event of a failure in testing. We were also responsible for co-ordinating with the supplier of this equipment to ensure we clearly understood what their requirements were for cable openings and cable conduits and ensure they were placed and installed correctly.
  • Door design safety switch: The door had to be designed with sensors to ensure that if the doors were opening during a testing process that the testing process would automatically cut off air pressure supply.

End Result:

Client was happy with the end result and the unit is currently being used successfully as intended.