Please note that converted / fabricated containers are only available in East Africa and Middle East.

Onsite Storage Container Warehouse Project in Johannesburg


A tyre distributor seeking to setup a cost effective warehouse to assist with distribution of retail and industrial vehicle tyres.

Scope of work:

We were approached by the customer who was conducting a comparative analysis between building a traditional warehouse vs a modular, onsite storage container warehouse. We needed to work closely with them to assist in the design and logistics of construction of approximately 2,700m² of warehousing within a total of 6 weeks.


Not only was the budget for the project extremely limited, but the timing for delivery was also very tight. The requirement was to deliver all 96 containers within 10 days to ensure that the remaining construction could meet the 6 week build deadline.

End Result:

The merits of using onsite storage containers far exceeded a traditional warehouse, not only from a cost perspective, but also in the time to build the structure which was significantly shorter than a standard warehouse manufacture time.
The containers were also used shipping containers which meant that it was an environmentally friendly solution. They design also allows for future warehouse growth by merely adding further containers.