Please note that converted / fabricated containers are only available in East Africa and Middle East.

St Helena Airport Project

Location: St Helena
Solution: Global Container Rental
Customer: Basil Read

Basil Read was awarded the tender to build an airport on the remote island of St Helena in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. Not only was this an incredibly demanding construction project, but it was also a huge logistics challenge requiring innovative solutions for transporting and storing a vast array of machinery, materials and chemicals to enable the engineers to take on this task.

Almar was called in to support the project through supplying over 1,000 containers on a rental contract being picked up from over 30 global locations from as far afield as Charleston to Cape Town and Basel to Barking! The Almar team supplied a vast array of containers including tanks for the initial explosive blasting, 40ft open tops for the transport of large machinery and refrigerated containers to assist with perishable cargo for ship stores.

The airport was completed over a period of 4 years and throughout that time Almar assisted with the container logistics as the sole service provider.