Steel Containers for Sale Open New Doors to Money-Making Ideas

February 26, 2019

We have a regular supply of steel containers for sale that attract interest from start-ups and hobbyists alike. While some containers may be advanced in years, they are still structurally sound and ready for painting and fitting out.

We sell them as empty shipping containers. We also offer a full-blown service for adding fixtures inside. Welcome to our virtual shop. Allow us to show you what is possible with imagination.

Steel Containers for Sale Smart Alternatives to Construction Costs

Building costs are rising astronomically on the back of upward pressure on wages, the soft economy, and the weak rand. Compared to this, our steel containers for sale represent exceptional value in terms of square meter cost.

Moreover, they are never fixtures and hence easier to sell on when no longer needed. Why should small start-ups have to pay stiff rents or risk capital on new construction in the current uncertain property market?

How Small Businesses are Scoring with Used Containers

  • Emerging open-air farmers’ markets are a great way for small-scale growers to enter the retail end of business, compared to having hard-to-find goods in large fresh produce markets. A shared steel shipping container makes a great payment point they share.
  • Consumers are increasingly renting power tools like drills and saws because they can’t afford to buy them outright. One of our steel containers for sale could soon become a money spinner in the backyard. What a way to start a business!
  • A deep-fry fish-and-chips or other takeaway outlet needs a reliable supply of raw ingredients at all times. The more successful ones often run out of freezer and chiller room space. Place a refrigerated steel container out the back and power it up. Problem solved.

Steel Containers for Every Imaginable Money-Making Hobby

  • Did you ever fancy renovating a vintage motorbike and selling it on to make an easy profit? Your only problem may be the garage is already jam-packed full. A 20-foot storage container makes a perfect workplace for all kinds of hobbies.
  • Perhaps you have a secret longing to write a best seller book or take up painting again. Maybe you need a quiet place to study for a UNISA degree you really need. Set one of our steel containers for sale in the garden and qualify for a promotion at work.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to making money with Almar steel containers for sale.

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