Please note that converted / fabricated containers are only available in East Africa and Middle East.

Reefer Containers / Refrigerated Containers

Almar Reefer Containers (Refrigerated Containers) keep your perishable goods at the perfect temperature, in any environment.

20ft Refrigerated Containers

6m (20ft) Reefer

6m Reefer Containers are the perfect solution for the transport or storage of perishable cargo. They have safe and secure lockable doors and reliable refrigeration machinery.

External Dimensions:

6m Reefer
L:6.058m x W:2.438m x H:2.591m

40ft Refrigerated Containers

12m (40ft) Reefer

12m Reefer Containers allow for large scale storage and transport of perishable cargo.

External Dimensions:

12m High Cube Reefer
L:12.192m x W:2.438m x H:2.896m


Single Phase 220v Refrigerated Container / Cold Room

We offer a customised refrigeration solution with a single phase 220v which means you can plug your 3m or 6m chiller / reefer into any domestic power outlet, making it the ultimate cold room alternative. Temperature range is between +2°c and +10°c.

External Dimensions:

6m Reefer
L:6.058m x W:2.438m x H:2.591m

3m Reefer
L: 3.029m x W:2.438m x H:2.591m

External DimensionsLWH
6m Reefer6.058m2.438m2.591m
External DimensionsLWH
12m High Cube Reefer12.192m2.438m2.896m
External DimensionsLWH
6m Reefer6.058m2.438m2.591m
3m Reefer3.029m2.438m2.591m

Reefer Container Benefits

Support: Our lease agreements come with 24/7 technical support, ensuring your peace of mind.

Reliable: Our Reefer Containers use Carrier machinery which is the most reliable refrigeration machinery for shipping containers on the market.

Flexible: The containers offer temperature ranges between -25°C to +25°C, enabling you to use them for any product requirement.

Accurate: Temperatures can be controlled up to a tenth of a degree, ensuring that your product is kept at the perfect temperature.

Mobile: If your business moves, your container can move with you.

Why Choose Almar?

We have dedicated technicians offering 24/7 support to ensure that our refrigerated containers are serviced and reliable, offering you peace of mind.

We also have a continuous new build programme which ensures that we continue to keep a young and reliable fleet of containers, ensuring reliability.

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