Container Rental In South Africa

We offer high quality container rental for standard shipping containers, refrigerated containers and ISO Tank Containers throughout South Africa. Various sizes are available immediately, certified and ready for transport nationwide.
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Why container rental?

Flexible Rental Agreements - You can rent our containers for as long or as you see fit with the minimum rental period being 30 days. You also have the flexibility to increase or decrease the number of containers you’re renting at any given time - perfect for your evolving business requirements.
Affordability - With a daily or monthly rental fee, your business doesn’t have to incur a large capital outlay as is the case with buying a container outright. This is a great benefit for budgeting and cash flow purposes. Renting a storage container also means that you don’t need to pay for building plans, labour costs, materials or any other costs associated with building additional storage space on your business premises. Plus you can take your container with you when you move.
Seasonal Convenience - Need extra storage space for your perishable goods during peak season? Our refrigerated containers can be conveniently positioned at your retail outlet. This helps to save time and costs incurred with transporting additional goods. Then, when the demand dips you can simply return the container.

Why Choose Almar for Your Container Rental Needs?

  • Founded in 1988, Almar is a trusted container supplier and market leader in the shipping container industry in South Africa. At a time when container fraud is rampant, you can rest assured that you're dealing with a company that has a proven track record.
  • With our company ethos being "Simple. Reliable. Fast", Almar's expert team of sales representatives are eager and passionate to deliver the great customer experience that our many happy customers have grown accustomed to.
  • Almar containers for rent are available nationwide. We offer container rental in Durban, Cape Town , Port Elizabeth and Johannesburg. This means we can get your shipping containers to you quickly no matter where you are in South Africa.
With Almar Container Rentals and Sales, your shipping container search is over.
Container Rental Process

How Container Rental Works

Step 1


Step 2

We’ll send you a formal quote and if accepted, a credit application is sent to you.


Step 3

On receipt of the completed credit application, a credit review is done which takes approximately 2 - 3 working days.

Container Delivery

Step 4

Once the credit review is successful and the rental terms are agreed to we’ll send you an invoice for the first month’s rental and transport costs (to and from the depot if applicable).

Container Delivery

Step 5

Once payment is received, your container is released for delivery.

Container Rental Frequently Asked Questions

How do I rent a container?

Please read our section on how container rental works to find out more about Almar’s rental process.

How much does it cost to rent a container?

The cost of renting a container depends on the factors listed below but you can read our detailed article that explains exactly how much a container costs to rent or buy in South Africa.

Container Type

Our container rental offering consists of standard dry shipping containers used for storage and transport, refrigerated containers used to store perishable goods and ISO tank containers used for transporting or storing liquids in bulk.

Container Size

The larger the container the more expensive it will be to rent.

Your Location

Stock availability for containers varies in each region of South Africa. Limited stock in a particular region means that the cost of sourcing containers will increase container prices slightly.

Container Condition

The newer the container the more expensive it will be to rent. For example, our standard dry shipping containers are graded and priced according to their condition. New containers are usually rented to our customers who need the containers to represent their brand or for food safety purposes. While used containers are usually hired for onsite storage purposes.

Refurbished containers

Wind and watertight and in good condition with moderate dents. External primers and paint are applied.

Grade B containers

Wind and watertight and in good condition with minimal dents and rust.

Grade C containers

Wind and watertight and in fair condition with moderate dents and rust.

What size is a container for rent?

Container rentals are available in various sizes, the standard sizes being 20ft and 40ft containers. Please download our container specifications for a more detailed explanation of container sizes for each type of container that we offer.

How do I transport a container rental?

When renting a container, transport costs need to be considered for delivery from and back to the depot. Almar outsources container transport as part of our container rental offering and we’ll provide you with a quote for this. Alternatively you can arrange your own transport.

Container transport costs are usually determined by your location, the travel distance and whether the travel route is on main roads or on infrequently traveled roads. The latter will affect how long it takes to transport the container.

How do I protect myself from container fraud?

Container fraud is a very real danger globally with many being scammed by so-called “container suppliers” on a daily basis”. The main way to protect yourself from container fraud is to ensure you're doing business with a reputable container company with a proven track-record. Read our tips to avoid container fraud.


Nationwide footprint

With offices and container depots within each of South Africa’s major centers, we’re able to get your container to you simply, reliably and fast.

KwaZulu-Natal (Head Office)

50 St Andrews Drive, Durban North, 4051
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20 Indiana St, Apex Benoni, 1540
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Cape Town

Cape Town

Aristea Rd, Zevenwacht Estate, Kuilsriver, 7550
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