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Dry Shipping Containers

Perfect transport and storage solution, available to buy or lease.

  • Dry Freight and Storage Containers

Shipping containers are strong, secure and modular, making them the perfect solution for just about any instant space requirement.


  • Instant: Shipping Containers offer an instant storage space which can be delivered and dropped into place with no construction and minimal site preparation.
  • Secure: The containers have secure double lock doors with thick steel panels enabling a secure storage space.
  • Modular: As your storage requirements grow, further containers can be added and can even be placed on top of each other to allow for better floor space use.
  • Mobile: If your business moves, your container can move with you.

Use Cases

The perfect solution for your business’ transport and storage requirements.


They are available in 6m and 12m, on a rental and sales basis.

20ft (6m)

6m shipping containers are the perfect solution for additional storage requirements. They can be delivered to just about any location, offering an instant and secure space with minimal capital investment.

40ft (12m)

12m shipping containers offer a huge volume of approximately 76mᶟ of storage space. They require minimal site preparation and can be delivered to create an instant warehouse.

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Leasing or Buying a Dry Container

Step 1: Contact Us

Step 1

Call for a quote on +254 719 675 272 or email
Step 2: Quote

Step 2

Almar Kenya sends a formal quote and if accepted a credit application and lease / sales agreement follows.
Step 3: Image

Step 3

On receipt of the completed documentation, a credit review is done which takes 1 – 2 days.
Step 4: Payment

Step 4

An invoice is raised for the first month’s rental / full purchase price and delivery, if required.
Step 5: Delivery

Step 5

Your container is released for delivery.

Perfect storage and transportation solution

Almar dry / shipping containers are the ideal solution for your storage and transportation needs.
They are available to lease or buy.
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Leasing Dry Containers

How long can I lease a container for?

We hire containers for anything from 30 days to over 5 years. Even if you need containers for a shorter period, please reach out to us and we can see if we can assist with shorter term rentals.

What condition will the container be in?

All our containers are 100% wind and water-tight. That means that they will keep your goods dry and safe. Containers are used and will have minor dents and scratches, but most of our rental fleet is fairly new and looks presentable. Should you have any specific colour or presentation requirements, please let us know.

What is the process for transport?

Containers are generally delivered using either a flatbed truck, or alternatively a crane truck, if the delivery location has no offloading facilities. Almar can arrange for either method of delivery.

Where should I position the container?

Make sure you have identified a flat, hard surface that can handle the weight of the container. An empty 3m container weighs 1.400kgs (1.4 tons), an empty 6m container weighs 2.185kgs (2.1 tons), while an empty 12m container weighs 3.640kgs (3.6 tons). A full 3m can take in excess of 10tons while a 6m and 12m can take in excess of 30 tons.

What is the cost to lease a container?

To get a quote phone Almar on +254 722 564 011 and speak to our sales team.

Have the answers to these questions at hand for the swiftest service:
  1. What size container do you need?
  2. How long do you intend to use it for?
  3. What do you intend to use it for?
  4. Do you need it to be delivered?

About Buying Dry Containers

What condition will the container be in?

All containers are manufactured to ISO standards and are cargo worthy so don’t be put off by appearances. There are four Grades of containers with differing purchase prices.

Grade B
  • Wind and water tight
  • Good condition
  • Minimal dents
  • Minimal rust

Grade C
  • Wind and water tight
  • Fair condition
  • Moderate dents
  • Moderate rust

  • Wind and water tight
  • Good condition
  • External primer and paint
  • Moderate dents

  • Excellent condition
  • No dents
  • No rust