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Refrigerated Containers / Reefers

Keep perishable goods at the perfect temperature, in any environment.


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Refrigerated containers which are big, mobile fridges used to transport and store products which need to be temperature controlled such as fruits, meat, fish, seafood, vegetables, dairy, beverages, medication and anatomical waste, for example.


Refrigerated Containers: 6m and 12m 380v 3-phase

  • Mobile so can move when you move
  • Stackable saving valuable warehouse space
  • Our lease agreements come with 24/7 technical support
  • Carrier machinery, the most reliable refrigeration in the industry, is used.
  • Temperature ranges between -25°C to +25°C and can be controlled within a tenth of a degree

Chiller Containers: 3m and 6m single phase 220v.

  • Can be plugged into any domestic outlet gives small or remote businesses and individuals access to cold storage.

Use Cases

It is the ideal cold storage solution for industrial, commercial or domestic use. Reefers and Chillers can be leased on a short term or long term basis, allowing you the flexibility to only pay for cold storage when you need it.

Maintenance Guide


12m HC 12.192 2.438 2.896
6m 6.058 2.438 2.591
3m 3.029 2.438 2.591
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Leasing or buying a reefer

Step 1: Contact Us

Step 1

Call for a quote on +254 722 564 011 or email
Step 2: Quote

Step 2

Almar Kenya sends a formal quote and if accepted a credit application and lease / sales agreement follows.
Step 3: Image

Step 3

On receipt of the completed documentation, a credit review is done which takes 1 – 2 days.
Step 4: Payment

Step 4

An invoice is raised for the first month’s rental / full purchase price and delivery, if required.
Step 5: Delivery

Step 5

Your container is released for delivery

Keeps fresh produce at the right temperature

Almar’s wide range of refrigerated containers offer an instant, secure cold room facility, for either chilled or frozen products and are offered on a rental or outright purchase basis.
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What happens if something goes wrong with the reefer while on rent?

There is technical support contact numbers placed on all our refrigerated containers. You can call this number to get in contact with a technician.

Can I use a container to freeze unfrozen product?

No, reefers are only holding freezers and will maintain the products temperature only. Cargo needs to be at the required temperature when packed into the reefers.

How accurate is the temperature control?

Temperature can be adjusted and controlled to 0.5°c.

Who will install and setup the reefer when it is delivered?

We can assist with technical on-site installation of the reefers should this be required.

How can I maintain a reefer?

The following basic steps can be taken to keep your refrigerated container in good working order:

Daily:Keep a twice daily record of the temperature on the control panel to ensure any variations are noted. Ensure the container is switched to a manual defrost cycle before entering the container.

Weekly: Wash out the condenser coil with a hose and ensure it is free of any debris.

Monthly: Ensure that no ice build-up is allowed to develop within the container – especially on the floor area and within the T Bar flooring – this may disrupt the airflow within the container and cause temperature fluctuations. A complete clean out and removal of ice may be called for.