Keeping Almar’s Reefer and Genset fleets in Peak Condition

July 4, 2022

Almar East Africa implements regular maintenance on their refrigerated container and reefer genset fleets to ensure that they are in optimum condition for our customers.

Refrigerated Containers, also known as reefers, come in 6m and 12m sizes and are a mobile and secure cold storage solution. Services are done bi-annually and include pre-trip inspection, the calibrating of configurations and settings, fault finding, and rectification. Physical cleaning of the containers takes place along with the replacement of parts that may be faulty and the updating of electrical software.

Almar's reefers keep your contents at a consistent temperature ranging between -25°C and +25°C. The temperature can be adjusted and controlled to within 0.3°C of the required set point and require a three-phase 380v power supply. A reefer is the quickest means of obtaining bulk cold storage. The container can be placed close to where the end product needs to be, in turn saving you transportation costs. All Almar refrigerated containers are Carrier, a world-leading brand in container refrigeration.

Clip-on reefer Gensets are diesel generators used to power refrigerated containers. They are offered on a rental basis for running reefers in remote locations, or alternatively for reefers on trucks for the transportation of perishable cargo.

They are easy and fast to start. The powerline start/stop switch is easily accessible, and the in-air intake manifold heater allows for fast starting and trouble-free operation, even at low ambient temperatures. Attaching and disconnecting the generator takes just minutes as the pin mounting bracket design saves time. The self-aligning ratcheted clamp locks allow safe, secure attachment to corner castings.

The servicing and maintenance of Gensets, which is implemented every 2000 to 3000 hours, includes preventative and routine checks, setting adjustments for voltage, current, and frequency for standard reefer loading capacity. Physical cleaning of the body and engine and engine test for load, compression, and continuous performance was also conducted.

For more information on reefers, Gensets, or any of Almar’s container products please phone Almar East Africa at +254 719 675 272.