Mobile Offices on the Move

October 29, 2018

Whether you need a temporary office on a building site or a well-equipped office in a remote location, shipping containers provide an ideal solution. Made of strong, sturdy steel, they are available in several different sizes offering limited options for mobile offices.

The concept of mobile offices is one that appeals to any business that requires on-site facilities for a limited period of time.

Advantages of Creating Mobile Offices from Containers

The biggest advantage of using shipping containers for mobile offices is that they may be used to provide instant office space anywhere. Conversions are quick and easy, and the full range of finishes will produce anything from a budget office set-up to bespoke designs that incorporate ablutions, conference rooms, and first aid facilities.

Other advantages include:

  • Turnkey solutions that start from the inception of the idea and carry through to delivery in a very short period of time.
  • The opportunity to create plug-and-play solutions that are assembled in factory conditions and then transported to site. All that is required before the office space is up and running is to connect electricity and, if relevant, plumbing so that running water and ablutions are available.
  • The opportunity to reuse mobile offices when they are moved to second and subsequent sites because they are so easy to modify after initial conversion.
  • A global reach not affected by the remoteness of any area. Almar has offices and various production facilities throughout South Africa and parts of East Africa, including Kenya and Tanzania, and in the Middle East.
  • Cost-effectiveness and the chance to erect office space quickly and easily without having to cover the normally predictable costs that are associated with buying or constructing office premises.
  • Minimal groundwork is required for mobile offices created from containers. Most importantly, you don’t need to dig and construct substantial concrete foundations that require both labour and materials … and a larger budget.

Opportunities for Mobile Offices

Shipping containers provide a shell for mobile offices. What you do with that shell depends on your needs and budget.

Generally, a single container – usually either a 20-foot or 40-foot unit – is the unit of choice. Both of these are only 2.438 m wide, which determines how the office is laid out. But with imagination and creativity, multiple desks and workstations can be accommodated.

Since mobile offices are created in a factory environment often thousands of kilometres away from the final (albeit temporary) destination, it is just as simple to double up on space by using two containers side-by-side to give added width. Alternatively, they may be stacked to create a double storey arrangement.

Mobile Office Solutions from Almar

Almar has more than 25 years experience in the container industry and we pride ourselves on the practical, cost-effective solutions we are able to provide in Africa and the Middle East.

Our in-house engineers and experienced designers are ready to make your ideas a reality that will meet your own very specific needs. We will customize your mobile offices with shelving, carpeting, electrical points and lighting fixtures, and security features. You decide whether you need insulation and air conditioning and/or heating.

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