Second Hand Containers For Sale – The Green Solution

December 21, 2017

In this day and age, it’s becoming more and more critical to think sustainably about everything we do. From climate change to plastic pollution islands in the sea, our historical, short-term thinking is having drastic effects on the way we and our children will be living in the years to come.

One way in which we can become more sustainable is to recycle. We’re not talking plastic bags and food cartons here though, we are thinking a bit bigger than that. We’re talking homes, office parks, hotels and more! This is where second hand containers for sale, really shine!

Shipping containers have been used for 50 years as the main conduit for global trade. Containers created a revolutionary way of moving cargo by road, rail and sea in the 1970’s and this simple steel box literally kicked off globalisation. However, they haven’t finished yet! Due to their modular and robust design, second hand containers are now being repurposed into all kinds of large and small-scale structures.

Five reasons for going green with second hand containers for sale

  1. Reduce material use: With second hand containers, you don’t need to buy new materials to build a structure, you have most of it already and all you need to do is install the finishes.
  2. Build quickly: Second hand containers are modular which means they can be converted, painted and finished off-site and then delivered to your site of choice as a finished product, ready to be installed.
  3. Mobile Address: Containers are not fixed to the ground with solid foundations, so if you want to change your address, no problem, just pick up your container home or office and move it.
  4. Spacious: Although the shape of second hand containers may look small, their design enables the side panels to easily be cut away, creating joined open plan living areas of any size.
  5. Trendy look: With the focus on sustainable living, second hand containers aren't only a smart choice, they look good too!

Almar containers have second hand containers for sale across all main cities in South Africa, as well as Namibia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. Contact us now to see how we can help you make the sustainable choice.

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