Shipping Containers for Sale for Remote On-Site Accommodation

February 26, 2018

Shipping containers are commonly used to transport goods to remote locations either by sea or over land. But, containers aren’t only used for transportation and logistics, or in challenging environments where they are required for offshore oil and gas operations. Frequently, shipping containers for sale are used for office and living accommodation, and for storage on remote sites, particularly those where building operations are planned or are in progress.

Often these are old – or used – shipping containers that cost considerably less than new ones. This doesn’t mean they are damaged or worn, or in any way inferior. Rather, old containers for sale offer amazing opportunities for both accommodation and storage. They can be used as is. They can be converted into basic units with windows, doors, and internal fixtures and fittings. They can also be totally repurposed to create exciting, good looking offices, retail outlets, or even multi-storey houses.

Why Shipping Containers for Sale Meet Remote Site Accommodation Needs

There are many reasons companies that need remote site accommodation take advantage of shipping containers including the fact that:

  • They are modular units that can be used on their own or together with other containers.
  • Shipping containers are manufactured in different sizes from 3m to 12m in length, which makes them versatile.
  • They are easy to convert by adding windows, doors, and so on.
  • They provide a virtually instant shell that can be fitted with cladding, finishes, fixtures, and provided with plumbing, electricity, and gas if required.
  • They were originally devised for transportation, which makes it easy to ship them either over sea or by rail or road, for use in remote locations.
  • They can be delivered in their raw form or already converted for use.
  • Used creatively, they can cut accommodation costs dramatically.
  • They can be reused, remodelled, and moved to other remote locations if required.

Once the containers have been delivered to the remote location, they can be positioned and finished according to the needs of the company or individuals. For instance, they may be furnished and fitted for use as boardrooms or offices, or for living accommodation, or for ablutions. The possibilities are endless.

Remote Locations Where Containers are Useful

Shipping containers for sale may be used for all forms of accommodation anywhere in the world. They are particularly useful where building resources are scarce, or, perhaps ironically, where major building is going to be carried out and the planning infrastructure is required in a short timeframe.

Actual locations range from deserts in the Middle East and undeveloped African regions to island areas where delivery of building materials is difficult… or anywhere else!

Almar Container Group specializes in the full range of containers, from those used for refrigeration and cold storage, to old shipping containers used to provide remote on-site container accommodation solutions. The company also focuses on a global reach that incorporates a number of African countries, from South Africa to Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania, as well as locations in the Middle East.

Importantly, remote doesn’t always spell low-density locations. Sometimes it is simply that the location is far from any place where low cost, good quality office, and accommodation options are available. An example is a remote Kenyan site where Almar supplied an innovative solution for site container offices for a construction company that needed a good turnkey option quickly. Add link

If you are looking for assistance with shipping containers for sale, don’t hesitate to contact the professional team at Almar. We are ready to help you solve your unique needs.

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