What You Can Do with Old Containers for Sale

February 8, 2018

Whether you need to ship belongings, need somewhere to store bulky items, or want to convert a shipping container into an office or even living quarters, old containers for sale provide a quick, easy, and relatively inexpensive option.

Most commonly made from non-corrosive “weathering” steel that is coated to protect it against rust, mould, and mildew, shipping containers are incredibly strong and will withstand extreme conditions. After all, they are made to protect and safely transport all kinds of cargo across the ocean where damp, heat, humidity, and salt water are consistently uncompromising. They are also designed for use by road or rail where heat, dirt, and vibration are all a potential threat to the contents.

While large businesses operating in the shipping industry, in fields of transportation and logistics, are more likely to purchase new shipping containers, there is a large demand for old containers for sale. Like new shipping containers, old ones are available in different sizes, and like secondhand cars, their age varies. Generally, the older the container, the lower the price.

Internationally, the standard sizes of general purpose containers used for dry freight and storage are reflected in their length:

  • 40 ft or 12 m
  • 20 ft or 6 m
  • 10 ft or 3 m

Whatever the age or size of the container, and whatever the intended use, it is important to ensure it was manufactured according to strict international ISO standards for standard shipping containers. These specify materials, characteristics, components, and also both external and internal measurements.

The Versatility of Old Containers for Sale

Recycling and repurposing old shipping containers has become very popular in recent years, particularly for homes, offices, schools, and businesses. Intriguingly, their popularity ranges from the need for accommodation of various kinds in impoverished regions to ingenious high-end housing designs. Sometimes just one container is used on its own as an office, a classroom, or perhaps an ablution block. Alternatively, because they are modular, several shipping containers can be used alongside one another, or even on top of one another to create a multi-storey unit.

Where budget is an issue, or the container is being used temporarily, perhaps as a site office or even for emergency shelter, the exterior of the container is usually left as is. When converted into a classy home, both internal and external cladding are commonly used, although some architects like to leave sections of the characteristic corrugated steel visible, giving it a contemporary industrial style appeal. The interior is fitted like any other house, to meet the needs of the occupants, with plumbed bathrooms and kitchens, lighting and ventilation needs, and home comforts.

Of course, old containers for sale may also be used for temporary or permanent storage for just about anything. For instance, they may be used to store materials on a building site where it is essential to keep things like cement clean and dry, and fixtures and fittings safe and secure. They may be used on farms for storing animal feed or farming implements. They are invaluable in equestrian environments where there isn’t a secure tack room to store expensive items like saddles and bridles. They are great for storing equipment required by schools, or stock for shops or food outlets.

If you spot an ad for containers for sale, you might even consider converting it into a swimming pool, or a camper!

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