Please note that converted / fabricated containers are only available in East Africa and Middle East.

Refrigerated Container Deployment for World Food Programme

Location: South Sudan and Kenya
Solution: Genset and Reefer Container Rental
Customer: World Food Programme (WFP)

WFP approached us with an urgent perishable cargo shipment to be transported to a remote area in South Sudan and needed to keep it on site and cool in an incredibly hot and remote area. In addition to the harsh conditions, the length of the need for the on-site storage was unknown and as such buying refrigeration equipment was a risk.

Our team in Nairobi supplied new refrigerated containers and gensets within a day on a flexible rental basis allowing WFP to not only mobilise the desperately needed supplies quickly, but they also didn’t have to expand greatly needed capital resource to do so.

On completion of the project, the need for the reefer container was only just over 3 months as the supply mission was successful and no longer-term project was required. This meant that not only did the quick mobilisation of the reefer save WFP time to get the mission up and running, but they did not have to spend over $35,000 to purchase unnecessary capital assets and could return the reefer on completion.