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Reefer Container Gensets


Clip-On Reefer Genset

Gensets are specifically designed diesel generators used to power refrigerated containers. We offer gensets on a rental basis for running reefers in remote locations, or alternatively for using reefers on trucks for the transportation of perishable cargo.

Reefer Genset Benefits

Reliability: Our genset fleet is exceptionally young and maintained to the highest levels. They are also built to last with the direct injection engine designed to handle the most rugged of operating environments.
Cold Chain Security: Gensets allow the security of keeping the cold chain complete throughout the stages of perishable product delivery, providing 460v of continuous power for uninterrupted protection.
Fuel Efficiency: Our gensets are fitted with a dual mode option of “eco” or “power” which controls the running speed after start-up. Eco mode provides approximately 25% efficiency in fuel consumption dependant on ambient temperatures and reefer set point.
Flexibility: Gensets enable you to run reefers without an electrical connection, therefore ensuring that you are not tied down to a specific location.

Why Choose Almar?

Our Reefer Genset fleet is one of the youngest in the industry and as such, you can depend on their reliability and performance.

Our service and technical support are critical to your operation and as such we ensure availability of trained engineers to support our Genset rentals.

Because we love what we do and are passionate about container solutions, the Almar team will go above and beyond to exceed your expectations and ensure that we deliver a product that suits your needs perfectly.

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