Please note that converted / fabricated containers are only available in East Africa and Middle East.

Containers for Hire: The Flexible route to success

Whether you need to move cargo across the world or add more space to your business, Almar Container Hire has a solution for your needs.

The Benefits of Container Hire / Leasing

ALMAR offers both domestic and international, flexible container hire / leasing solutions for dry containers and refrigerated containers (reefers).

We provide domestic container leasing solutions to customers who have in-country requirements such as static storage, inland transportation, or general logistical support. Leasing options are available for our 3m, 6m and 12m dry containers (GP and HC), reefers as well as food grade ISOtanks / ISOtainers. We can arrange transportation and specialised equipment to meet your needs.

We provide Master and Term hire options and also provide one-way international hiring solutions allowing for the most cost-effective way to move cargo. All our containers for off-shore use are Standard CSC and Dangerous Goods (IMCO) Certified.

Why Choose Almar?

Scale: With one of the biggest domestic rental fleets across Africa and the Middle East, we have the capacity to deliver on any requirement, no matter how big or small.

Experience: Established in 1988, we have the experience to find a practical and cost effective solution to every container requirement. Our administration is comprehensive and efficient.

Global Reach: With offices in various countries in Africa and the Middle East, we have significant expertise in delivering on global projects.

ALMAR provides a full range of accurately administered and flexible leasing solutions.

International Hire: In addition to the standard Master and Term hire options, we specialise in one-way hiring solutions allowing for the most cost-effective way to move your cargo.

Domestic Hire: We provide domestic container hire solutions to customers who have local requirements.

Whether you require containers for static storage, inland transportation or general logistical support, our wide range of containers including refrigerated containers, ISO Tanks, standard containers and other specialised equipment, is sure to meet your needs.

One-way, Master & Term Hiring options

Member of the Container Owners Association

International Leasing: Dangerous Goods Containers

Domestic Leasing: Static storage, inland transportation or general logistic support

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