Almar offers a Cold Storage Solution to Frozen Brands

Frozen Brands produces and distributes top-quality frozen food in partnership with world-class suppliers and passionate people. Almar recently partnered with Frozen Brands and leased them four 12m refrigerated containers and one 3m refrigerated container to assist with cold storage for their frozen products. 

Frozen Brands started as a small side-line business on a banana and sugar cane farm on the North Coast of KwaZulu-Natal and has grown into a company with a climate-controlled frozen food manufacturing and cold storage facility.

“Through using other frozen distribution services, we identified a gap in the market for a top-quality frozen distribution service and as a result, we now own and operate a fleet of cold chain vehicles, enabling us to distribute throughout KZN and to various markets around the world,” explains founder and director Creagh Goble. 

As specialists in the frozen fruit industry, they manufacture and pack their own range of frozen fruit products under their in-house brand names. They also produce and pack certain house brands for big retailers in South Africa, as well as export. 

According to Dave Williams, head of the Refrigeration Department at Almar, there are so many benefits to using containers as a cold storage solution. “They vary in size depending on the customers’ requirements and are available immediately for short or long-term leasing. With no building plans required, there is a saving on cost, time, and manpower, and being mobile they can move whenever needed,’’ explains Dave. 

The 3-phase 380v refrigerated containers, also known as reefers, have a temperate range of +25°c to -35°c, and Frozen Brands has secured a long-term lease for their five. The temperature can be adjusted and controlled within 0.3°C of the required set point, a very important factor for Frozen Brands which require a consistent temperature to maintain the quality of the product. 

Refrigerated containers, chillers, freezers, and blast freezers are available to lease throughout South Africa. To find out more contact Nikki White from Almar at or visit

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