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KZN's Forgotten Businesses

While it appears that some normality has returned to KwaZulu-Natal with shopping centres, businesses and retail outlets reopening their doors, it is the uninsured, informal outlets that seem to be forgotten.

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10 Creative Uses for Containers For Rent in South Africa This Festive Season

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur waiting to grasp the opportunity to make additional income over December and January, read the suggestions we have come up with which simply require you to rent an Almar container over the next two months.

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Build a Self-Storage Service with Affordable Shipping Containers for Sale

Self-storage facilities are catching on fast throughout South Africa. This follows a trend in North America and Europe where they have been a good business for decades. Shipping containers for sale are fast becoming popular storage modules on account of their inherent strength and inbuilt flexibility.

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Could Container Homes Become the South African Low Cost Housing Solution?

We believe re-deploying used shipping containers as container homes to destitute areas in South Africa, is well-worth considering.

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Steel Containers for Sale Open New Doors to Money-Making Ideas

We have a regular supply of steel containers for sale that attract interest from start-ups and hobbyists alike. While some containers may be advanced in years, they are still structurally sound and ready for painting and fitting out. We sell them as empty shipping containers. We also offer a full-blown service for adding fixtures inside. Welcome to our virtual shop. Allow us to show you what is possible with imagination.

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Container Accommodation to Help Save KZN Rhinos

Almar Container Group has donated a 40-foot (12 m) general purpose (GP) shipping container to the Zululand Rhino Orphanage to provide accommodation for rhino facilities and make life easier for staff members at the orphanage working hard to eradicate rhino poaching in South Africa.

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