Blast Freezer Containers are sought after by food manufacturers

Almar’s custom-built blast freezer containers are used in the manufacturing process to freeze pies, fruit, chicken, beef, etc. Our blast freezers have a 3- phase 380v power supply and come in 6m and 12m. They are designed to meet the specific requirements of our customers and are available for lease nationwide. All technical support and repairs are implemented by Almar for the duration of the lease, allowing our customers to focus on their key business.

Here are some key features of the custom-built container blast freezer:

  1. Power Supply: The blast freezers are designed to work with a 3-phase 380V power supply. This power requirement ensures efficient and effective freezing capabilities.
  2. Sizes: Almar’s blast freezers come in two sizes, namely 6 meters and 12 metres. These size options allow customers to choose the unit that best fits their production needs and available space.
  3. Customisation: Since they are custom-built, our blast freezers can be tailored to meet specific customer requirements. Customers can choose features like shelving arrangements, temperature control systems, and door configurations.
  4. Portability: Being container-based, our blast freezers are easy to transport and relocate as needed. This feature allows for flexibility in the manufacturing process and the ability to serve multiple locations.
  5. Durability and Insulation: Our custom-built container blast freezers are constructed with durable materials and have excellent insulation properties to ensure temperature consistency and energy efficiency during the freezing process.
  6. Temperature Control: Almar’s blast freezers have precise temperature control systems, allowing operators to set and maintain the desired freezing temperature for different food items.
  7. Hygiene and Safety: Almar’s units are designed with hygiene and safety standards in mind to ensure the food items remain safe for consumption and meet regulatory requirements.
  8. Support and Maintenance: Throughout the duration of your lease, Almar offers maintenance and support services to keep our customers’ units running optimally and address any technical issues that may arise.

Almar’s custom-built container blast freezers play a crucial role in the food manufacturing industry by providing an efficient and reliable solution for rapid freezing, which helps preserve the quality and freshness of various food products.

To find out more about Almar’s blast freezers email or phone 031 561 6767.

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