Container Agent Services – Things You May Not Know

December 14, 2018

We should ask about the goods and services we purchase. Especially since there is so much information on the internet, although it may not all be true. If you had the time and patience, you could probably figure out the container business yourself. However, a container agent with a finger on the pulse could simplify things for you.

Not All Storage Units are the Same – Our Container Agent Explains

The container industry is imperfectly regulated space. There are standards, but there is nothing preventing you making your own containers. Nothing that is, until you have an insurance claim returned with a rejection letter.

So what are the standards you have to meet - unless you employ a container agent to represent your interests?

  • A container must have dimensions suitable for automated container-handling equipment
  • Moreover each of the eight corners must have a ‘twistlock’ fitting for lifting, stacking, and securing safely
  • A container must also have key construction features to withstand handling and stacking
  • Finally, it should also bear an IOS mark affirming the owner, country, size, type and equipment category, as well as any operational marks.

What a Container Agent Can Learn from This Information

The International Container Bureau is a registry for intermodal shipping containers. It founded in 1933 to set mandatory parameters for cranes, conveyors and other lifting gear. These factors include.

  • The design of the container, its capacity, and type
  • The total safe loading capacity of the container

A container agent uses the information referenced in ISO 346 to verify information regarding a particular container, and current owner. In this regard it’s important to note the insurance angle. Shipping and all risks insurers may base their rates on the information on the ISO 346 register.

How Do I Know Whether a Particular Container Is Right for Me?

Our container agent can help you right-size and type a container whether for shipping, or storage. Or for one of the alternative conversions that are proving increasingly popular. The sky really is the limit for these incredibly versatile devices.

We can help you select and ship your containerised solution to South Africa, Namibia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Dubai, or Saudi Arabia. Please contact us as soon as you are ready to start your next project.

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