Refrigerated Container Maintenance: Keeping Almar's Fleet in Peak Condition

Almar Container Group regularly implements refrigerated container maintenance ensuring that our fleet remains in optimum condition for our customers.

Refrigerated Containers (reefer containers, freezers, chillers, blast freezers) come in 3m, 6m, and 12m and are the ideal mobile, secure cold storage solution. Services on these units are implemented bi-annually and include:

  • pre-trip inspection, 
  • the calibrating of configurations and settings, 
  • fault finding, and rectification,
  • physical cleaning of the containers takes place along with 
  • the replacement of parts that may be faulty and 
  • the updating of electrical software
  • pressure cleaning the condenser coil.

Almar's refrigerated containers keep your contents at a consistent temperature ranging between -35°C and +25°C. The temperature can be adjusted and controlled to within 0.3°C of the required set point and units require a three-phase 380v power supply. However, Almar recently introduced the single-phase 220v 3m and 6m chiller / cold room unit and 3m freezer.

Reefer Containers South Africa

A refrigerated container is the quickest means of obtaining bulk cold storage. No building plans are required, and the container can be placed close to where the end product needs to be. All Almar reefer containers are Carrier, a world-leading brand in container refrigeration.

Refrigerated containers, chillers, freezers, and blast freezers are available to lease throughout South Africa. To find out more contact Nikki White from Almar at

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