Rental Office Containers Provide Flexibility When We Need It Most

February 4, 2019

It can be a false economy to purchase a container office outright for a short contract away from base. That’s because it’s not always easy to provide the assurances the reseller market needs. Most purchasers prefer to source their rental office containers from reliable suppliers including Almar Container Group. We supply our intermodal shipping containers with rock solid warranties and all your questions answered.

20ft container

What Makes Rental Office Containers a Preferred Solution?

We need flexibility above most things in a dynamic economy. What seemed the ideal location may no longer prove to be the right decision as a project rolls out. Intermodal shipping containers are designed with the intention of moving around. They have secure lifting points at all eight corners and are strong enough to support far more weight than a fitted office.

Hence intermodal shipping containers make perfect temporary office accommodation. Moreover, our rental office containers may come complete with electrical, plumbing and drainage reticulation. All you need do is connect them with the necessary services. How hassle-free is that, compared to erecting a prefabricated building that may not disassemble, move, and reassemble again properly?

Terms and Conditions for Renting Office Containers from Almar

  • Our containers are mostly 6 or 12 metres long, by 2.5 metres wide with similar, adequate headroom
  • Almar Container Group’s rental office containers arrive on a flatbed, or crane truck depending on delivery location
  • Our minimum rental period is 30 days although we can negotiate because we are keen to do business
  • We have containers for hire in South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, Namibia, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, or Uganda
  • We supply rental office containers fast, and with us, things happen quickly and efficiently with minimum fuss.

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We Have a Wide Variety of Shipping Containers on Offer

We extend the life of intermodal containers by finding new uses for them. We believe in recycling things because new construction comes with carbon costs. Our robust, modular range includes:

  • Ablution facilities with bathrooms, showers, and toilets
  • Mechanical workshops with provision for electricity supply
  • Portable clinics for emergency/primary health care
  • Plug and play meeting/training room facilities
  • Our popular range of rental office containers too.

Speak to Almar Container Group in confidence for all your rental office container solutions soon.

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