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Global Shipping Container Industry Update: 6 Months Into COVID-19

With the uncertainty that 2020 has brought as a result of COVID-19, we felt it was a good time to reflect and project on what is happening in the shipping container industry globally.

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Reefer Containers: Everything You Need to Know

Reefer containers are big, mobile fridges that are used to transport and store products that need to be temperature controlled such as fruits, meat, fish, seafood, vegetables, diary, medication and beverages.

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10 Creative Uses for Containers For Rent in South Africa This Festive Season

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur waiting to grasp the opportunity to make additional income over December and January, read the suggestions we have come up with which simply require you to rent an Almar container over the next two months.

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Build a Self-Storage Service with Affordable Shipping Containers for Sale

Self-storage facilities are catching on fast throughout South Africa. This follows a trend in North America and Europe where they have been a good business for decades. Shipping containers for sale are fast becoming popular storage modules on account of their inherent strength and inbuilt flexibility.

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A Cargo Container for Specialized Shipping by Sea

The cargo container has proved its worth as a quick and convenient way to move goods around the world. Handling and securing equipment on ships, railway trucks, and lowbed transporters has standardised too.

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Comparing Shipping Container Sizes If Relocating Abroad

We get calls every week from people wanting to know the optimum shipping container sizes for their household goods. Sometimes they end up purchasing a used container from us in cargo worthy condition they can resell at their destination.

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What’s an Intermodal Container? Why That Name?

An intermodal container is a portable storage box compatible with travelling on various modes of transport. These include railways, ships, low-bed road transporters, and even cargo aircraft. They usually shift between different transportation modes via container depots. Hence, they also need to be compatible with lifting and moving gear in these facilities.

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Container Agent Services – Things You May Not Know

We should ask about the goods and services we purchase. Especially since there is so much information on the internet, although it may not all be true. If you had the time and patience, you could probably figure out the container business yourself. However, a container agent with a finger on the pulse could simplify things for you.

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South African High Cube Container Ban Imminent

The South African Department of Transport wants to ban the high cube container. They say it exceeds the permitted vehicle height when on a transporter.

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