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Container Fraud: Ten Tips to Keep You Safe

With a rising interest in converted shipping containers, there has been a drastic increase in container fraud and bogus operators, particularly in South Africa. Many people go online to see what the shipping container cost will be. They find a website that features what appear to be brand spanking new containers at exceptionally low prices and decide to buy.

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ISO Container Specifications

Known as intermodal containers, the standard steel boxes used for mobile storage across land and sea are made according to strict specifications established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) that develops and publishes international standards for just about everything.

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The Benefits of a 40ft Container

Steel containers for shipping are manufactured in a small number of standard sizes for certain specific purposes. While standard sizes for these ubiquitous mobile containers range from 10ft to 45ft, the most commonly used sizes are the 20ft container and the 40ft container.

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Why Use Steel Containers for Shipping

While steel is not the only material used for shipping containers, steel containers are the most common type for various reasons including security, mobility, accessibility, and lifespan.

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