Chiller Containers can be plugged into a domestic electrical outlet

August 15, 2023

Single-phase chiller containers are versatile and energy-efficient cooling solutions that are designed to maintain a temperature range between +2 to +10 degrees Celsius. These containers are currently available in two sizes - 3 metres and 6 metres and can be plugged into any domestic electrical outlet. Almar can custom make a 12m chiller should this be a customer requirement.  

Here are some key features and advantages of single-phase chiller containers:

  1. Temperature Range: The Almar chiller containers can cool the contents within the range of +2 to +10 degrees Celsius. This makes them suitable for storing various temperature-sensitive items, such as fruit and vegetables, dairy, beer, beverages, pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and other perishable goods.
  2. Size Options: Chiller containers come in two sizes - 3 metres and 6 metres. This provides flexibility to our customers, allowing them to choose the appropriate container size based on their specific needs and available space.
  3. Energy-Efficient: Our single-phase chiller containers are designed to be energy-efficient. They are optimised to cool the contents effectively while minimising electricity consumption, making them cost-effective to operate.
  4. Plug-and-Play: One of the significant advantages of our chiller containers is that they can be plugged into any standard domestic electrical outlet. This eliminates the need for specialised power connections, simplifying their setup and use.
  5. Mobility: Chiller containers are portable and can be relocated as needed. This mobility allows businesses or individuals to move the containers to different locations, making them ideal for events, temporary storage, or businesses with changing needs.
  6. Flexible leasing options: You can lease the chiller container for as long as you need it making it a cost-effective cold storage solution for business or personal use. Our chiller containers are available nationwide.
  7. Versatility: Single-phase chiller containers find applications in various industries, including catering, food and beverage storage, healthcare, and more. Their versatility makes them a popular choice for businesses with diverse cooling requirements.

Almar’s single-phase chiller containers offer a reliable and convenient cold-room solution with a wide temperature range, energy efficiency, and easy plug-and-play operation using any domestic electrical outlet. These features make them valuable assets for businesses and individuals seeking efficient temperature-controlled storage solutions.

To find out more about Almar’s chiller containers email or phone 031 561 6767.

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