Shipping Containers Sizes in South Africa: What Size Suits Your Needs?

There are various shipping container sizes and types available in South Africa and this article serves to help you make the right choice for your needs.

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Customised Freezer Containers - A Valuable Asset to Almar’s Refrigeration Fleet

As part of our refrigeration container fleet, Almar Container Rental and Sales offer freezer and blast freezer containers.

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Storage containers for sale

Storage Containers for Sale

Established in 1988, Almar Container Rentals and Sales offer storage containers for sale to suit your business and personal needs.

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Second Hand Containers for Sale

Second-hand shipping containers for sale are a popular and cost-effective storage option. They are also a sustainable option as they are repurposed and reused rather than being sent to landfill.

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Refrigerated Containers for Rent: What You Need to Know

Refrigerated containers for rent are ideal for the cold storage of fresh and frozen fruit, vegetables, fish, meat and poultry, beverages, ice cream, cut flowers, artefacts (paintings, books), medicines, etc.

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Refrigerated Containers for sale in South Africa

Refrigerated Containers for Sale in South Africa

Refrigerated containers are the ideal cold storage solution for industrial, commercial, or domestic use. Almar Container Rental and Sales sells refrigerated containers throughout South Africa.

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ISO Tank Container rental in South Africa

ISO Tank Rental in South Africa

Are you a South African business needing to safely store or transport solvents, oils, diesel or alcoholic beverages in bulk? ISO Tank Container rental in South Africa is the easiest, safest and most environmentally sensitive solution.

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How Much Does a Container Cost in South Africa?

How much does a container cost in South Africa? In this article we provide the exact answers as well as the factors that determine costs.

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Refrigerated Container Maintenance: Keeping Almar's Fleet in Peak Condition

Almar Container Group regularly implements refrigerated container maintenance ensuring that our fleet remains in optimum condition for our customers.

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Almar offers a Cold Storage Solution to Frozen Brands

Almar recently partnered with Frozen Brands and leased them four 12m refrigerated containers and one 3m refrigerated container to assist with cold storage for their frozen products.

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