Almar Container Group is excited to join the WILDTRUST Adopt-A-Rhino programme

Almar Joins the WILDTRUST Adopt-A-Rhino programme

Almar Container Group is excited to join the WILDTRUST Adopt-A-Rhino programme which is designed to assist the reserve to receive a consistent flow of funding to safeguard its rhino population for future generations.

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Shipping Containers for Sale in Durban

Do you need to expand on-site storage but don't want to go through the hassle and expense of construction? Are you looking to buy a container from a reputable source for transporting dry goods safely and securely so you can avoid becoming a victim of container fraud?

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ISO Tank

ISO Tanks – the ultimate solution for the storage and transportation of bulk liquids

ISO Tanks, also known as ISOtainers, are multimodal containers used for the storage and transportation of bulk liquids.

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Reefer rentals

Reefer Containers involved in Hydroponic Strawberry Farming

Find out how renting reefer containers helped a former German automotive engineer successfully harvest strawberries in South Africa.

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Almar Celebrates Kevin Benkenstein’s Munga Win

Almar celebrates Kevin Benkenstein's win of the Munga, a 1,000km plus bike race across the arid Karoo, South Africa, in Summer.

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Refrigerated Containers Vs Permanent Cold Storage

How temporary storage with refrigerated containers has benefited a range of businesses in the food and beverage industry.

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August 2021 - Global Container Market Update

With the current market pricing moving so rapidly, we thought we would share further insight into the global container market and attempt to provide further perspective into the current situation in South Africa

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KZN's Forgotten Businesses

While it appears that some normality has returned to KwaZulu-Natal with shopping centres, businesses and retail outlets reopening their doors, it is the uninsured, informal outlets that seem to be forgotten.

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Refrigerated Containers: flexible, affordable cold storage

Do you need flexible, affordable cold storage immediately? Almar Container Group supply refrigerated containers (reefers) throughout South Africa to keep your fresh produce, perishable items at the required temperature. 

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May 2021: Global Container Market Update

With the first quarter of the year well behind us, we thought it would be a good time to provide a further insight into the current global container market.

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