Please note that converted / fabricated containers are only available in East Africa and Middle East.

Going above and beyond since 1988

For 30 years, ALMAR has been providing container solutions to both international and domestic partners and continues to focus on building strong, reliable relationships as a key to our success.

Our Story

In 1988, Alistair Forbes founded Almar Container Group, not only to lease and trade shipping containers but to help his customers fulfill their unique needs and goals. Since then, Almar has grown into a successful organisation with international offices, servicing multiple industries. Looking back, we are proud of what we have achieved, and what we have done for the container industry through our innovative technology and customer service.

Our proudest accomplishment, however, is not that we are a respected leader in the global container industry, or that we are a supplier and employer of choice for many, but we are most proud of the fact that, through it all, we have not lost sight of Almar's humble beginnings and main priority: the success of our customers.

Industries we serve:

- Transport
- Logistics
- Remote Site Accommodation
- Cold Storage
- Bulk Liquid Storage
- Retail and general storage

Almar HQ Team


- 1988

Almar was established by Managing Director, Alistair Forbes, with the core business of leasing and trading containers from the head office in South Africa.

- 1994

The first international office is setup in Dubai.

- 1998

The Almar footprint is extended to Brasil.

- 2003

Almar opens up across 4 continents with an office in India.

- 2008

The product range is extended beyond shipping containers with the introduction of the flatpack modular accommodation unit.

- 2009

Almar begins inroads into the offshore O&G industry with the launch of it's DNV2.7-1 certified containers and baskets.

- 2011

An African focus is developed with the establishment of an Almar office in Mombasa, Kenya.

- 2012

Almar extends its focus into Africa and opens offices in Luanda, Angola and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

- 2013

Almar broadens its Kenyan operation, opening up the East African head office in Nairobi. The operations in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam are also extended to offer a full spectrum of services including genset and reefer rental as well as container conversions

- 2016

The economic climate in Brazil and Angola forces a closure of these operations, enabling Almar to focus on the rapidly expanding East African market, and the establishment of an office in Dammam, Saudi Arabia

- 2017

Almar looks to extend it’s footprint in East Africa, with operations opening in Kampala, Uganda.

- 2018

Almar introduces ISO Tanks as a new product offering, thereby extending the range across all ISO container types including Dry Containers, Refrigerated Containers, Bitutainers, Flatracks and Open Tops.

- 2019

Almar opens an additional site in Nairobi and builds a containerised head office.

- 2020

Almar launches a new corporate identity.
The introduction of the customised refrigeration container offering a single phase modular cold room solution takes place.

- 2021

Almar Head Office moves to 50 St Andrews Drive in Durban North.

- 2024

Almar opens an office in Walvis Bay, launching our full product offering into Namibia.

Who is Almar

Our Purpose is to Partner and Solve

Our aim is to simplify life for our customers by passionately committing to help them overcome their challenges. We do this best by working together as a team and creating strong relationships.

How do we do this? Simply, reliably and fast.


We constantly seek to simplify what we do.


We have over 30 years of experience and do what we say we will.


Our team is prepared, focused and empowered.

Our Values

A foundation to everyday life at Almar, are our Values.
These values are:

Act in the spirit of True Partnership

To authentically partner we need to understand our partners, ask questions and listen, learn from them, teach them, challenge them and appreciate them. We treat everyone as equal and work together to solve.

Always Be Open and Honest

We act with integrity, always doing what we believe is right and thus we have nothing to hide. We know that solid relationships are built on a clear sense of expectation and complete honesty. When expectations are not met, we do what it takes to make it right.

Wholeheartedly Commit

We are passionate about everything we do and committed to delivering the best we can in every situation.

Stay Focused and Agile

Always with clarity of intent, we are empowered to act quickly and to adapt in order to effectively solve. We remain agile by constantly reflecting and learning and never becoming complacent.

Keep it Simple

Our roots are grounded in the simplest form solving the most complex challenges. We constantly seek to simplify, be it through new products, how customers can talk to us and the practical solutions we offer.

Container Owners Association

Container Owners Association

ALMAR is a member of the Container Owners Association which ensures that we continually comply with international standards and form part of a global network of container expertise.

2024 BIC Certificates

ISO Standards

ALMAR is a member of the Bureau International des Containers et du Transport Intermodal (B.I.C.) with two registered prefixes, namely ALRU and ALMU, you are assured of all our container codes being ISO standard.

Container Fraud Prevention (CFP)

Almar is a member of Container Fraud Prevention (CFP), which is a verified business directory for all reputable and trustworthy container sales and leasing companies in South Africa, with the objective of helping customers know which container companies can be trusted and which are fraudulent

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