Please note that converted / fabricated containers are only available in East Africa and Middle East.

Specialised Containers

Use a Flat Rack or Open Top specialised container to transport or store over-sized machinery, equipment or cargo which cannot fit into a standard shipping container.


Open Top containers are used to load cargo which is too heavy or large to be loaded through the doors. Open tops have tarpaulin roofs which can be removed to allow for loading using a crane.

External Dimensions:

6m Open Top
L:6.058m x W:2.438m x H:2.591m

12m Open Top
L:12.192m x W:2.438m x H:2.591m


Flatracks are essentially ISO containers with no sides or roof. They allow for cargo that does not fit within the dimensions of a standard container to be safely secured and transported.

External Dimensions:

6m Flatrack
L:6.058m x W:2.438m x H:2.591m

12m Flatrack
L:12.192m x W:2.438mx H:2.591m

External DimensionsLWH
6m Open Top6.058m2.438m2.591m
12m Open Top12.192m2.438m2.591m
External DimensionsLWH
6m Flatrack6.058m2.438m2.591m
12m Flatrack12.192m2.438m2.591m

Project Container Benefits

Project Containers are the perfect solution to all your project related cargo movement. They offer a great solution for mobilising large, out of gauge, cargo in a cost effective way.

Intermodal: All containers are fitted with ISO corner castings allowing for them to be handled seamlessly throughout the intermodal transport system.
Flexible: Project containers allow for the safe transport of cargo that does not fit into standard ISO container dimensions. No matter what you need to transport, Project Containers can handle it.

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