Please note that converted / fabricated containers are only available in East Africa and Middle East.

Flat Pack Containers

Flat Pack Containers: Stackable, modular container accommodation with flexible floor plans that packs down to 25% of it's size.


These basic open plan accommodation modules are the perfect solution for flexible office space. The modular structure allows for the units to be joined together to make an infinite number of open plan areas used for recreation facilities, dinning halls, board rooms etc.


These partitioned modules are the perfect solution for twin sharing accommodation requirements as well as partitioned offices for smaller work spaces.


These cabins offer a more spacious accommodation solution, regularly utalised for senior management housing requirements. Each room is supplied with it's own partitioned and private bathroom including a shower, toilet and basin.


These cabins offer a perfect solution to more efficient accommodation of junior management. Each accommodation area shares an ablution room including a shower, toilet and basin.


These shower units are the perfect solution for large camp requirements and can be connected via corridors to the rest of the accommodation modules to create comfortable and clean ablution facilities under one roof.


The ablution modules can be fitted with a mixture of showers, basins, urinals and toilets. The modules are designed for a full "wet purpose" requirement and allow for easy cleaning through a central drainage system.

Ablution modules are transported in a flatpack form with all ablution components packed inside, allowing for efficient and swift on site installation.

Flat Pack Containers: Assembly Process

Flat-Pack Containers

Flat-pack nests/bundles can be transported to site (sea/road) and handled like standard ISO Marine 20' container.

Flat-Pack Containers

Each flat-pack unit is self-sufficient and comes supplied with all components required for full assembly. This includes all electrical and bathroom parts and plumbing

Flat-Pack Containers

The flatpack frame is manufactured from cold formed steel providing a lightweight structure ( 2 tonnes) with exceptional strength. Modules can be stacked providing for double storey accommodation/office structures.

Flat-Pack Containers

Units require a level surface and are are mobile once assembled.

Flat-Pack Containers

Once the assembly is complete, the units can be furnished in various ways to create offices, accommodation, boardrooms etc.

Flat Pack Container Benefits

Versatile: Due to the interchangeable panel design, modules can be built to any floor plan specification. Standard modules are fitted with one door, two windows, roll down shutters and all electrical fittings. Additional fittings are available to add extras such as aircon, showers, toilets, security bars etc.
Modular: Single modules can easily be joined across both a longitudinal and transverse plane to create large open plan structures for catering and conference facilities.
Flexible floor plan designs: Revolutionary design of the completely interchangeable panels means that there are an infinite number of floor plans which can be configured.
Stackability: The modular system allows for the quick and simple assembly of a temporary or semi-permanent camp or commune. A double-story structure can easily be created by simply stacking two assembled single units on top of each other.

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