Please note that converted / fabricated containers are only available in East Africa and Middle East.

Dry Freight & Storage Containers

Almar Dry Freight & Storage Containers are the perfect solution for your businesses’ transport and storage needs. They are available on a rental and sales basis.

20 Foot Shipping Container

6m shipping containers are the perfect solution for additional storage requirements. They can be delivered to just about any location, offering an instant and secure space with minimal capital investment.

External Dimensions:

6m General Purpose
L:6.058m x W:2.438m x H:2.591m

6m High Cube
L:6.058m x W:2.438m x H:2.896m

40 Foot Shipping Container

12m shipping containers offer a huge volume of approximately 76mᶟ of storage space. They require minimal site preparation and can be delivered to create an instant warehouse.

External Dimensions:

12m General Purpose
L:12.192m x W:2.438m x H:2.591m

12m High Cube
L:12.192 x W:2.438m x H:2.896m

10 Foot Shipping Container

3m shipping containers offer secure storage for areas where space is a premium. They have a small footprint and can be instantly delivered for safe and secure storage.

External Dimensions:

3m General Purpose
L:2.991m x W:2.438m x H:2.591m

External DimensionsLWH
6m General Purpose6.058m2.438m2.591m
6m High Cube6.058m2.438m2.896m
External DimensionsLWH
12m General Purpose12.192m2.438m2.591m
12m High Cube12.192m2.438m2.896m
External DimensionsLWH
3m General Purpose2.991m2.438m2.591m

Dry Freight & Storage Container Benefits

Instant: Shipping Containers offer an instant storage space which can be delivered and dropped into place with no construction and minimal site preparation.

Secure: The containers have secure double lock doors with thick steel panels enabling a secure storage space.

Modular: As your storage requirements grow, further containers can merely be added and can even be placed on top of each other to allow for better floor space use.

Mobile: If your business moves, your container can move with you.

Why Choose Almar?

At Almar we love what we do and are passionate about shipping container solutions, the Almar team will go above and beyond to exceed your expectations and ensure that we deliver a product that suits your needs perfectly.

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