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KZN’s Forgotten Businesses

While it appears that some normality has returned to KwaZulu-Natal with shopping centres, businesses and retail outlets reopening their doors, it is the uninsured, informal outlets that seem to be forgotten. In the Ilembe District, North of Durban, the majority of the spaza shops in the area were looted and damaged. These shops have no means of restocking their shelves and, in turn, the community don’t have access to basic needs like food or electricity, not to mention the loss of over 50 small businesses. With so many jobs lost, innocent people living in Ilembe are unable to travel and, in turn, provide basic needs for their family. 

Registered NPO ‘Hearts That Hope’ was established in 2012 with the purpose of creating a loving environment in which vulnerable children can thrive and being a means to provide hope and upliftment to the local community. When the vandalism and looting hit KZN, the founders Kent and Lyndall VanderYacht knew they needed to do something so that the impoverished weren’t further disadvantaged and this is when ‘Stock a Shop’ was launched.

“We aim to help affected informal traders in the Ilembe District get back on their feet by restocking each shop with R7 500 of inventory. With donations from individuals and businesses we can help them get a head start in rebuilding their businesses, while also providing vital supplies to their communities. So far, 26 of the 50 identified shops have been restocked and, with continued support, we hope to have the remainder stocked by the end of August,’’ explains Kent. “Our hope is that people keep reaching out to assist us so that we can go even further afield and help even more of the affected Spaza Shops. We have 50 on our system but we know that the devastation is way more than that.”

 You can make a difference by:

  1. Sponsoring an entire store for R7 500. 
  2. Donating via EFT or Zapper and Hearts That Hope will purchase the items. Please see bank details and Zapper code below. 
  3. Dropping off required stock items in Salt Rock. Email Hearts That Hope at to obtain a list

Bank Details

Hearts That Hope FNB Ballito, Cheque Account Account number: 62 32 4949 778, Branch code: 250102, SWIFT: FIRNZAJJ

Almar Container Group was approached to help Abbi Tuck Shop in Shayamoya as their container was burnt beyond repair. “We were happy to be able to provide support in form of a container to replace the current shop and our staff have got involved by making donations to stock the outlet with product. The donations, big and small, add up and enable Hearts That Hope to reach their goal of getting all 50 spazas up and running by the end of the month

Hearts that Hope is a registered NPO so can issue Section 18A certificates. For more information contact Kent or Lyndall on 082 716 6773. For more information visit

Burnt Container Spaza Shop